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The 'Old' Math Bunker

Spring 2021 at Northwestern University:

Fall 2020 at Northwestern University:

Summer 2019 at University of Notre Dame:

Spring 2018 at University of Notre Dame:

As an undergrad, I tutored in what was called the “Math Bunker” at Notre Dame... It was a place in the math library where any student, no matter what math class they were in, could come and ask questions. It was almost like the emergency room for math. A math student who will graduate in 2021 wrote this about me in the section “A Brief History of the Bunker” in the student-made magazine Less than Epsilon.

"Any recount of the bunker would be sorry to omit 'The Fisher of Men,' Nick Lohr. Like any good tutor, he was incredibly sharp, and quick to find a solution to whatever problem you had long ago rendered as hopeless. What set him apart was his dedication, and his complete lack of a filter. I don’t think anybody will ever come close to matching his paid tutor hours, those he was officially registered to teach, and those still make up only a minuscule portion of the total time he could be found in the Math Library, helping students on this or that sometimes until well past 1 am. Despite everything he did, he wore a façade of apathy. Virtually everything he said was cloaked in a veil of sarcasm, like he was incapable of saying anything serious. Seeing him sitting there as your tutor is much like the experience of realizing Hayes Healy is the math building. You might first think that it is a joke, with their foreboding exteriors that certainly do not comply with any modern sense of style. What you come to realize, however, is that there is truly something special inside, something that you will grow to appreciate, and miss when you finally are forced to part ways, even if it is after a rather controversial graduation speech."

Sounds about right! The speech I gave may be in a hidden link somewhere...