548 - Algebraic Topology 2 - Spring 2020 - UIC


Time: 0900-0950 MWF.
Place: Taft Hall 312.

E-mail: benjamin.antieau@gmail.com.
Course webpage: dantie1.people.uic.edu/202001-548.html.

Office hours: 10am-11am Mondays and 1pm-1:50pm Wednesdays SEO 419.

Book: I will use Hatcher's book, Algebraic Topology, Switzer's Algebraic Topology, and May's A Concise Course in Algebraic Topology. We will also have occasion to use the article Homotopy theories and model categories by Dwyer and Spalinski.

Lecture notes:
Homework (from Hatcher unless specified otherwise):
Evaluation: Miscellanea: