110 A - Algebra - Summer 2013 - UCLA


Time: 1-2:50pm MTW for lectures and 1-2:50pm R for discussion.
Place: Lectures: MS 5138. Discussion: MS 5138.

E-mail: antieau@math.ucla.edu.
Phone: 310-825-3068.
Course webpage: www.math.ucla.edu/~antieau/201303-110a.html.
Course discussion site: piazza.com.

Office hours: 2:50-3:50pm MT in my office, MS 6617D.
TA: Sungjin Kim (i707107@math.ucla.edu).
TA office hours: 3-5pm R in MS 6160.

Book: Hungerford, Abstract Algebra: An Introduction, Cengage Learning, ISBN-13: 978-1-1115-6962-4. We will cover chapters 1-6.

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Catalogue description: 110A. Algebra. (4) Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Requisite: course 115A. Not open for credit to students with credit for course 117. Ring of integers, integral domains, fields, polynomial domains, unique factorization. P/NP or letter grading.