115b/1 - Winter 2011 - UCLA


Time: 1pm MWF for lectures and 1pm R for discussion.
Place: MS 5147.

E-mail: antieau@math.ucla.edu.
Phone: 310-825-3068.
Course webpage: www.math.ucla.edu/~antieau/201101-115b.html

Office hours: 2-3:30pm Monday, 2-3 Wednesday in my office, MS 6617D.
TA: Pietro Carolino (pietro@math.ucla.edu).
TA office hours: 11:30am-1pm Thursday, MS 2903.

Book: Friedberg, et al, Linear algebra, 4th Edition, Prentice-Hall.

Course outline: Bold numbers in parentheses indicated the number of lectures on a given topic during that week.
Important dates:
Catalogue description: 115B. Linear Algebra. (4) Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Requisite: course 115A. Linear transformations, conjugate spaces, duality; theory of a single linear transformation, Jordan normal form; bilinear forms, quadratic forms; Euclidean and unitary spaces, symmetric skew and orthogonal linear transformations, polar decomposition. P/NP or letter grading.