115a/4 - Fall 2010 - UCLA


Time: 1pm MWF for lectures and 1pm TR for discussion.
Place: MS 5147.

E-mail: antieau@math.ucla.edu.
Phone: 310-825-3068.

Office hours: 2:00-3:30pm MW in my office, MS 6617D.
TA: Daniel Ram (danielram@math.ucla.edu).
TA office hours: to be announced.

Syllabus [pdf].

hw1 [pdf] (due 09/27). hw2 [pdf] (due 10/01). hw3 [pdf] (due 10/08). sample midterm 1 [pdf].
hw4 [pdf] (due 10/22). hw5 [pdf] (due 10/29). hw6 [pdf] (due 11/05). sample midterm 2 [pdf].
hw7 [pdf] (due 11/19). hw8 [pdf] (due 11/29). hw9 [pdf] (due 12/03).
sample final [pdf].

Course outline:
Important dates: