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Math students in class

Math students in class

Undergraduate Program: Prospective Students

Northwestern offers a variety of ways to study mathematics.

The MENU program (Mathematical Experience for Northwestern Undergraduates) is a special program for entering freshmen with strong mathematical skills who are interested in mathematics, either for its own sake or because of its powerful and broad applications. It offers such students the opportunity to expand their mathematical knowledge while retaining flexibility about their ultimate major. People in this program can start with either the Math 290-1,2,3 or the more theoretical Math 291-1,2,3. See the MENU webpage for more information.

The Integrated Science Program (ISP) and the Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS) offer special programs with emphases on science and social sciences respectively. These programs offer a more mathematical approach than the usual science and social science courses.

The Kellogg School of Management offers certificate programs in Financial Economics and Managerial Analytics which have substantial mathematical prerequisites.

Students who take one of our regular calculus classes are encouraged not to repeat course work that they had in high school. See the page on calculus placement for further information.

Some information about non-calculus based courses is contained in the webpage about prerequisites.

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