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Mathematics Conference at NU

Mathematics Conference at NU

Department News (2014)

PhD student Jesse Wolfson helps a New York dance troupe incorporate fractals into its choreography. The product of their collaboration - Moses(es) - will be performed at the Dance Center at Columbia College on April 3, 4 and 5. Read more here.

Einstein Institute of Mathematics at Hebrew University has invited Steve Zelditch to deliver the annual Zabrodsky Lecture Series in Topology and Geometry. Professor Zelditch will discuss Shapes and sizes of eigenfunctions. 20-26 March 2014.

On Friday, 28 February, Laura DeMarco discussed Numerical patterns and chaos. Harris Hall, room 107, 16:00-17:30. Open to the public.

Paul Goerss received a Faculty Award for Diversity from The Graduate School. This award recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates significant efforts to promote classroom diversity, foster interaction between faculty and underrepresented populations, and enhance diversity programs on campus.

Discover Dag, the new number between 7 and 8. We're very proud to be mentioned in The Northwestern Filpside. This momentous finding will change mathematics, especially calculus homework.

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